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HSM is a byword for document shredders that are user-friendly, energy-efficient and innova-tive, ensuring the shredding and destruction of your personal data and confidential docu-ments. Are you looking for an HSM document shredder with a cutting capacity that ensures compli-ance with GDPR measures? And have you already been thinking about where you should be shredding your documents - in a private office, home office or open plan office? Or perhaps you are looking for a complete waste disposal point for large volumes of documents or a shredder for your digital media? If you are, then you can rely on HSM - your ideal partner!

A common mistake that buyers make is purchasing a shredder that does not meet their needs, i.e. A Shredder that cannot cope with the quantity of paper to be shredded, that can’t shred other media, that doesn’t offer continuous run and that generally isn’t robust enough. Other questions that need to be considered are: Is a Cross-cut shredder* or a micro cut shredder* required? What security level is needed to reflect the information being destroyed that will keep the business secure? Are you shredding confidential and sensitive data? How many users will be using the shredder? From experience, buyers tender to underestimate the number of pages that they shred. When there is a good shredder in the office, it will generally get used more and more, and it’s good practice nowadays to have a ‘shred-all policy’ to ensure and maintain office security.

Often buyers purchase a personal shredder when in fact what would best suit them is an office shredder, a large office shredder or a department shredder. HSM differ from other shredder brands in that they offer, what is known as, ‘continuous run’, i.e. you can keep using them throughout the day. They are not going to stop and overheat, thereby avoiding any interruption to your workflow. If performance, productivity and time management are important in your business, then having a shredder that is fit for purpose is important.

There are essentially three main types of cuts available when purchasing a document shredder.

This is a basic security shredding solution for documents with low confidentiality needs providing the minimum level of security. Strip-cut machines shred each A4 sheet into approximately 36 strips, based on a 5.8mm cut-size width. Please note that this is not a GDPR compliant solution and is the equivalent of a P-2 security level.
Enhanced security for highly confidential documents. This is generally classed as a P-4 cross-cut machine that shreds each A4 sheet into approximately between 300 and 400 particles. Choose a cross-cut shredder when needing to shred confidential documents in the home or the office. This option is GDPR compliant for many offices, but again the correct choice, depends on the confidentiality of the documentation to be shredded.
Superior security for highly confidential documents and even greater peace of mind. Also referred to as DIN P-5, a micro-cut machine shreds each A4 sheet into over 2000 particles making them virtually impossible to reassemble. Choose a micro-cut shredder when needing to shred highly confidential documents such as bank statements or employee records. Micro-cut shredders have a security range from P-5, P-6 to P-7. For greater security needs, a micro-cut shredder is the best choice as it offers a higher security level and with it, peace of mind. A shredder with a credit card adaptation to it can also be purchased if you need to destroy more than just paper. Also, if you are buying a paper shredder for use at home, buyers would need to consider safety features, for safe use around children and pets.


Shredder Baler Combinations

HSM Powerline SP 5080 shredder baler combination This powerful combination of the FA 500.3 heavy duty document shredder and a counterplate baling press provides for data security in archives and compresses the shredded material into bales of between 40 and 80 kg. The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.

Safety is a high priority for HSM

  • The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.
  • The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
  • The powerful motor ensures a high cutting capacity and reliable continuous operation.
  • The automatic return eliminates paper jams and ensures a smooth operation.
  • Safety is a high priority for HSM and so we have incorporated an emergency off safety bar on the loading table, which stops the device when pressure is applied.
  • The material feeding is convenient and takes place via the non-slip conveyor belt.
  • The shredded material that is compressed into compact bales is cleanly disposed of in a waste bag. This prevents particles from falling out and ensures clean handling.
  • We have integrated an automatic oiler into the device which will ensure it runs smoothly, giving you a consistently high cutting capacity and quality.
  • The combination can be commissioned very easily using Plug-and-Play. The conveyor belt-shredder can therefore be combined with a press at any time.

Multilevel Shredder-Systems

HSM DuoShredder 5750 - 6 x 40-53mm The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine. Two-stage fully automated shredding system. Stage 1: pre-shredding using a four-shaft system consisting of two intake shafts and two cutting shafts. Stage 2: fine shredding using a two-shaft system. Can be used as a complete disposal system in combination with an HSM balling press.

HSM TriShredder 6060 The HSM TriShredder 6060 is a 3-stage shredding system with three cutting systems and a throughput of up to 2500 kg/h in security level P-3. When used in combination with an HSM baling press, the HSM TriShredder 6060 becomes a complete waste disposal system.

Product highlights

  • Shredder system with two or three shredding stages
  • Consists of pre-shredder and one / two downstream shredding stages
  • Material feed via conveyor belt or discharge chute
  • Photocell control
  • Automatic stop and reversal in the event of material jams

Overview of the key features of the HSM service

For us, consultancy is the starting point for customer satisfaction - HSM specialists will provide you with individual advice at your premises, including advice on special solutions or individual projects. This ensures that you will end up with the system that is tailored precisely to meet your requirements. - We organise data protection consultancy sessions for companies and authorities. - We provide you with advice on various financial models. - We keep in regular contact with you to identify any potential for optimisation. We only provide quality that is guaranteed - HSM machines have the “Made in Germany” quality hallmark. - HSM machines are durable and robust, not least because of their induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers with a lifelong guarantee. Our support continues even after the sale has been made: - You can rely on global support and timely provision of spare parts and processing of service orders. - Our HSM service agreements include regular maintenance and inspections, ensuring operational safety for your teams. We would be pleased to support you in choosing the right shredder system, including pre-shredders and downstream shredding stage(s), for your requirements - all you need to do is get in touch with us.

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